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Algoze (Punjabi Flute)   PN: S-300-011-001
  • Includes pair of algoze
  • Hand crafted to give a unique sound
  • Size and length may vary

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One of the easiest instruments to play, yet one of the hardest to perfect, the Algoze is a pair of flutes traditionally used to accompany singers and bhangra performances. The flutes are harmonized within each pair so you have the freedom to experiment with melody. One flute can be kept at a constant note while their other varies or both can vary to create numerous melodic patterns. The initial simplicity of playing the Algoze is due to the few notes per flute, the beauty is in the endlessly possible variations. The difficulty lies in the ability to exhale continuously to create a steady and continuous sound, a feat known as circular breathing.

To practice the true art of playing the Algoze, begin by breathing into a straw immersed in a glass of water and forcing continuous bubbles without break. A tip: store some air in your cheeks and release it steadily while simultaneously breathing in.

Each pair of Algoze is tested for performance-level harmony and sound. All you have to do is breath and we'll take care of the rest.



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