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Your Ultimate Guide to Dholkis
The Dholki. Rhythmic. Resonating. Reverberating. There is something hypnotic to the sound of a Dholki. Whether sticking to simple rhythms, or elevating songs with energized fills and breaks, the cascade of notes produced by a Dholki is sure to enthrall listeners.

Choosing the Right Dholki About Dhol Etc. Dholkis Dholki Carry Cases
  • Choosing the Right Dholki

    Similar but smaller to its larger cousin, the Dhol, the Dholki is a widespread folk drum of North and Central India. Sometimes known as a Dholak, it is played with the hands, and used in both formal and informal musical settings. Usually made of Sheesham wood, the Dholki is a barrel drum with two heads, one for the low bass sound, and one for the higher, sharp sound. The mark of a quality Dholki is the ability to differentiate varying sounds as hitting the heads in various spots results in slightly different notes. Dholki heads are made of treated goat skin leather, and may have either rope or metal nut and bolt lacing. The ubiquity of the Dholki is a token to its versatility, and the dynamism of the Dholki lies in enabling the player to provide vigorous rhythmic accompaniment to any music.

    Here is a guide to help you choose the ideal dholki.

    Dholak/Dholki (Roped) $84.99
    This standard Dholki is roped on both sides to facilitate ease of tuning. Ideal for informal musical gatherings, this dholki produces pulsating beats with hints of that folksy β€œtwang”. Bring gusto to your small group gatherings with the Roped Dholki.

    Dholak/Dholki (Nuts/Bolts) $134.99
    Ideal for live performance oriented musicians, the easy to replace heads on this Dholki are tuned by tightening a set of metal nuts and bolts attached to the heads themselves. Made with superior quality wood, this Dholki brings vitality to music with deep, crisp sounding notes. Produce flair filled fills, and break-neck breaks with the Nuts and Bolt Dholki.

    Dholak/Dholki (Studio) $209.99
    This professional level Dholki is the pride of expert musicians everywhere. With excellent differentiation among the notes, the thick leather heads of this Dholki are ideal for studio recordings and formal music performances. The Nuts and Bolt tuning system provides for precise tuning, resulting in tight, sharp notes. Mesmerize your audience with the pulsating sounds and hypnotic rhythms of the Stuido Dholki.

  • About Dhol Etc. Dholkis

    The Dholki: Rhythmic. Resonating. Reverberating. There is something hypnotic to the sound of a Dholki. Whether sticking to simple rhythms, or elevating songs with energized fills and breaks, the cascade of notes produced by a Dholki is sure to enthrall listeners.

    DholEtc understands the importance of this instrument to you, and is proud to bring the highest quality dholkis.

    • Superior Quality. We understand that the final product is the sum of its parts. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that all dholkis are made from the greatest quality raw materials. Everything from the finest woods, to the colorful phummans (Colorful flowers made of cloth that hang off of a dholki), to the actual drum heads, including all other accessories, are all made with superior materials to prevent wear and produce top notch sound.

    • We are VERY selective in our list of manufacturers. After years of experience, and speaking with some of the leading Dholkiis (professional dholki players), we select the dholkis that we bring to you. When you buy from us we only want you to think about the limits you want to set for yourself and not have to worry about whether your dholki is up to standard.

    • We take every possible precaution and go to great lengths to make sure that the Dholkis reach you in the same condition as if you were buying them from the craftsmen himself. Since Dholkis are delicate, we take precaution in packaging them to the fullest protection possible.

    • Each Dholki is tested, tested and tested again for quality. In fact, each dholki is professionally checked for its quality before you receive it.

    • Brands such as NAGI are an established name, and are the brand of choice for many of the leading Indian and Punjabi artists of our time.

    • Manufacturers like NAGI are dedicated to quality and serving their most loyal clientele. For this reason they actively place quality over popularity. Understandably, as popularity follows quality quite closely, their dholkis have become the instrument of choice among students, teachers and music professionals across the world.

    Who is NAGI?

    • As part of our promise of quality to you, we have done extensive research and traveled to all parts of India to bring you the highest and best quality instruments. NAGI has proven to be one of those manufacturers worthy of international exposure due to their high quality instruments.

    • Have you heard of NAGI instruments? If not, don’t let that deter you. NAGI is a family of music instrument makers who are dedicated to making the best instruments possible. They take great pride in their work and stand by each instrument that leaves their shop. Rather than being marketing experts, they are content to let their work speak for them.

    Why NAGI?

    • For those of you who have experienced any type of Indian musical performance, or are frequent visitors to Gurudwaras or Mandirs, you have most likely already heard and seen the NAGI name. They are synonymous with great quality.

    • NAGI has been providing quality musical instruments and Bhangra accessories to their dedicated customers for decades. Anyone with a NAGI instrument only has praises for the craftsmanship and precision that goes into each it. Everything from their Tablas, to their Dholkis, to their Dholkis, etc., is renowned for its eminence in the field of Indian music.

    • If you wonder why you have never heard the brand “NAGI” even though you have been a musician for a long time, consider that NAGI is a family run business of music instrument lovers who keep very busy ensuring each instrument leaving their store is tested on all measures for the best quality. This dedication to quality does not leave much time for them to launch a huge marketing campaign. We are very fortunate to be able to bring the international audience instruments manufactured by this small shop of highly trained craftsmen.

  • Dholki Carry Cases

    Dholak/Dholki Carry Bag $29.99
  • Black bag
  • Cloth material
  • Cloth strap handles

  • Dholak/Dholki Padded Bag $39.99
  • Overall cushioning
  • Black color throughout
  • Hammer pocket. Synthetic carry strap
  • Zippered front pocket to store smaller items

  • Dholak/Dholki Hard Case $99.99
  • Rugged plastic material
  • Double lock lid
  • Synthetic strap on top and sides of case

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